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Site changed. Again.

It has been some time since last post. It actually had a reason. I learned how to make sites with MySQL and reworked this blog into MySQL. I hoped it is going to be fast, easy-to-update and beatiful. And then reality hits.

Site was actually same as before at visual side (good), updating was little bit better, with some additional work it will be much better (quite good), but it was slow. So terribly slow. Not slow as Wordpress, which was there before, but still slow. And it disapointed me for a while.

Time was running and I was too lazy to keep blog in old xml form. MySQL was slow as hell and blogging become more annoying than joyful. And then I found Pelican. It is static site generator in Python. Static HTML must be fast. And it can be usable. So I gived it a try.

I reworked whole site to Pelican and now is testing time. I really hope I can stay with it for some time.