In short: Linux, embedded devices, programming, zen, bonsai, piano, juggling, music, hacks, electrotechnics, robotics, bike, AI, Linux again, computers.
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My name is Vojtech Vladyka (on web rain or argorain) and I am from Czech Republic (it's a country in the middle of Europe, you know). I am student at Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Communication (site here) at Brno University of Technology, Department of Control and Instrumentation (site here).

I am avid programmer, juggler, biker and completely creative one. The last thing I want is lay down and keep laying. Only exception is sleeping (^_^). In fact, I am root member of juggling group Knock Knock (Czech only, sorry) and my favourite juggling toy is diabolo (for jugglers: My collection actually counts 5 diabolos. Two Epics, Sundia Shining w/ freerunnig hub and two Henrys Circus w/ Free-running hub). I am able to do something with flowerstick and devilstick, but it sucks. I am huge fan of cyr wheel slackline.

I love Linux. Really. I love open minds and freedom. At this time, I am happy user of Debian Jessie with Gnome on my workstation and Debian Jessie with i3 on my netbook (it is still running thing. Incredible piece of tech. Single core Atom with 2GB RAM almost 5yo).

In points

  • Student at FEEC BUT,
  • programmer,
  • technician,
  • juggler,
  • Linux enthusiast,
  • biker,
  • coffee lover,
  • tea lover,
  • zen student,
  • and open mind.

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