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Cheatsheet for Battlestar Galactica Boardgame

For tl;dr people, link is here.

I love Battlestar Galactica. And when I found there is an boardgame, it was just must have. We got core game with Pegasus expansion together from some guy for good price and I immediately dived into studying rule book.

It is quite complex game, so there are a lot of rules. Authors made some quick overview on back side of each rulebook, but when there are already two books, some things changed etc. and it is starting to be mess. So I made some notes for myseld and after some time I wrote them down to LaTex, because I was learning how to use it, so it was an practice for me. This is how first version of cheatsheet were born.

It took some time to tidy it up, press it all to one A4 sheet fix some mistakes and after all that, version 1.1 appeared.

This christmas I got Exodus expansion. Another rulebook, another game modes, yay! But it means, that my cheatsheet is outdated. It was popping version after version, getting nicer and nicer, so I decided to go with it public. Now it is in version 1.2 with some Exodus mechanics included. But it will take some more time to finish it.

Anyway, source with generated PDF is located on my github account, for lazy people, link is here.

If you find any error, let me know. I think it should be possible to open issue on github or write directly to me. Enjoy!