In short: Linux, embedded devices, programming, zen, bonsai, piano, juggling, music, hacks, electrotechnics, robotics, bike, AI, Linux again, computers.
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Blog transformation

After some time I am back and in new coat. It was pretty much work but it worth it. I was quite annoyed by behaving of my old blog. Old site was raided by crawlers and bots and I can't disable all of them. I disabled one and two new bots appeared. And because Wordpress is pretty huge project, it's also quite slow. And because my provider have limit for running processes, my blog was almost all of the time shot down. Sad story.

Because of that, I decided to write new blog. There isn't any CMS, so it's pretty quick. It's coded from nothing and I like it. I started in this way in long time, then transformed into Wordpress and now I am back at hardcoding. Circle is closed. But it have also issues. First of all, again, it's hardcoded. I like it, but there is possibility of plenty of errors. So please be so kind and respect them. If you want be helpful, you can write me mail about that. Thanks. Second thing is, that this blog is under development. And always will be. It's my web playground and I don't want have polished and shiny site. I will rather have an rusty and squeeky site but this site is mine and I can try new feature when I want. So I am sorry for errors on site, but it's my sandbox and there can be holes in sand and a lot of bugs. The end.

Last words: Enjoy new site and beware of bugs. Welcome.